Act Now! Leaves & Soul Releases Limited Edition Ceramic Bonsai Pots

Leaves & Soul released a limited-edition series of colorful bonsai pots that will add interest and excitement to your bonsai.

As bonsai enthusiasts, we are used to the standard color and shape of bonsai pots. They work well and are neutral enough to blend into any décor. Many bonsai hobbyists find the lack of color selection too limiting, though. To solve this problem, Leaves & Soul has released a limited-edition series of colorful bonsai pots. There is finally a way to add color and interested to your bonsai trees.

Limited Edition Collection

Leaves & Soul’s limited-edition series of colorful bonsai pots combines an ancient hobby with modern esthetics. This limited series includes white, pink, black, light blue, dark blue, green, and dark red pots in both rectangle and oval shapes. There is a color suitable for every room’s décor. Now you can add a splash of color to help accentuate your beautifully kept bonsais.

Ceramic Bonsai Pots

Perfect for Bonsai Growing

When Leaves & Soul designed this limited series of colorful bonsai pots, they combined beauty with the perfect plant pot. These ceramic pots are the perfect size for keeping your bonsai healthy and miniature. The rectangular pots are 5 1/2 x 4 1/8 x 2 1/8 inches and the oval pots are 6 ¼ x 4 ¾ x 2 7/8 inches. These two sizes are both optimal for restricting the root growth, which helps to keep bonsais small.

The ceramic material used to make these colorful bonsai pots is perfect for keeping your bonsai plants healthy and slow growing. They are breathable, sturdy and beautiful. The glaze is expertly applied to the outside only, which allows for proper air circulation and moisture retention needed for healthy plant growth.

The four small legs on the bottom of each colorful bonsai pot give them added lift to allow for the two drainage holes to work properly. The legs also give the pot extra stability which is necessary especially if you enjoy an asymmetrical bonsai design. Working with a stable pot also makes it much easier for pruning and bonsai maintenance.

Great Add-ons

When you are shopping for colorful bonsai pots, make sure you do not forget the other necessary tools that you will need for your bonsai hobby. It is important to use professional premium bonsai soil that promotes the right drainage rate and supports fertilizer absorption.

You will also need a variety of bonsai wires and pliers to go with your colorful bonsai pots. Depending on how you want to train the branches of your bonsai, there are different gaged wires for different uses. You will need a variety of training wires from 1.0 mm to 3.0 mm as well as comfortable pliers.

Leaves & Soul

Leaves & Soul has always been a supplier of high-quality ceramic bonsai pot and bonsai accessories. With their new limited-edition colorful bonsai pots, they have added even more possibilities to their product line. Their products are durable and practical while adding esthetic value to any space.

Leaves & Soul offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They offer easy ordering and returns through Amazon as well as Amazon Prime shipping options.

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