Spending time in nature is one of the most enriching and rejuvenating ways to truly relax. We, at Leaves and Soul, believe that DIY gardening is a fulfilling way to connect with nature, while exploring your passion for creativity. We also believe that doing something you love feeds the soul.

Our goal was to build a community of like-minded home gardening enthusiasts with an appreciation for the good things in life. We wanted to offer soils, fertilizers and bonsai accessories to make home gardening easy and affordable. Most importantly, we wanted to create a company that is valued and loved by our customers.

All of this became reality. We are now growing a vibrant community of DIY gardeners. We have partnered with a superior design team to bring you high-quality bonsai accessories and a US manufacturer to provide a unique line of soils and fertilizers. Finally, we are able to offer high quality products for you to enjoy at affordable prices.

Thank you for joining us,
The Leaves & Soul Team