Breathe Life into Your Space by Growing a Succulent

Indoor container gardening with cacti and succulents is a decorative, convenient and healthy way to bring vibrancy to any space.

Looking to add the vibrant beauty of plants into your home or workspace but don’t have the greenest thumb? Introducing nature into your space with artfully potted cacti and other succulents could be the low maintenance solution for you need. Designers often cite potted plants as an affordable way to accessorize a room while researchers rave about the health benefits of indoor gardening. So, no matter your gardening skills or busy schedule, growing a succulent could be just the touch your home or office needs.

What’s the difference between a cactus and a succulent?

As a subcategory within the succulent family, all cacti are actually succulents, but not all succulents are cacti. This means growing succulents in container gardening is easy due to their similar growing requirements, but it also offers endless variety. Thanks to Leaves & Soul, you could design quality cactus and succulent arrangements in beautiful glazed ceramic pots to meet your unique taste. We also carry accessories the newest beginner and the most experienced growers need, such as optimized fertilizer.

The enjoyment of growing a succulent is something everyone can benefit from. The growing requirements of the succulent family are simple, and today’s succulent-specific products make for even more low-maintenance care. In addition, the associated health benefits of indoor plants are a wonderful opportunity for self-care.

Grow life into any space

Beyond their vast and unique assortment of color and shape, the number one attraction is the ease of care. The water and nutrient storing capabilities within the fleshy leaves of succulents and the spiny outer surface of the cactus, in addition to shallow root structures, make these plants ideal for indoor pot gardening. Caring for them essentially involves avoiding overwatering – the number one cause of damaging these plants – and providing sunlight.
And, as a source of home or office décor, container selection can be an extension of artistic creativity when growing a succulent. Beyond ensuring good drainage, our high-quality, glazed ceramic pots come in convenient shapes, vibrant colors and are durable, practical and beautiful.

Grow convenience

Growing a succulent is easy in itself, but today’s gardener has excellent access to products formulated for better growth and convenience. Because succulents thrive in dry climates, soil drainage is a must. In addition to a well-draining container, selecting the best blend of soil is key to maintaining healthy plants. While the right blend ensures proper aeration for the roots, it also maximizes fertilizer uptake. Our succulent soil mix is ideal to hold adequate moisture for cacti and other succulents but also allows excellent drainage. And it doesn’t need to be messy; our soil blends come in sturdy, resealable bags. Next, aside from a little water here and there, all your succulent will need is regular feeding. Our slow-release fertilizer pellets provide your plants all the essential nutrients they require and only needs to be applied every six months.

Grow beauty for the soul

Indoor gardening does more than bring beauty into a space. We believe growing a succulent container garden can feed the soul. In fact, research has long shown the health benefits of growing plants and connecting with nature in creative ways. While imparting a sense of soothing calm and lending vibrancy, indoor plants reduce stress and boost concentration. They’ve been known to increase wellbeing in people coping with depression or anxiety and can even help speed recovery from illness or surgery. Whether at home or at work, live plants increase productivity, creativity, and just plain happiness.

Why wait to experience the bliss in growing a succulent? At Leaves & Soul we’re passionate about growing a vibrant community of indoor plant lovers. Click here to learn more.