Bromeliads are Perfect Indoor Plants for Beginners

These days, we find ourselves home more than ever before. Our homes have become our offices, our gyms, our children’s schools, and more. Because of this, people are putting more care and attention into their surroundings, making the best of the space. When it’s an exotic and tropical vibe we crave, there’s nothing like growing a bromeliad. Bring beauty, color, texture, and life to any room with these low-maintenance houseplants. Gone are the days bromeliad growing was for the advanced. With superior and convenient houseplant products available for purchase online and delivered to our doors, there’s no reason not to enjoy the beauty of the bromeliad in our favorite spaces, even for the newest beginner – especially when they can buy online orchid soil, as well as buy online fertilizer at Leaves & Soul.

There are thousands of plant species in the bromeliad family. That’s what makes them so amazing as houseplants ¬– there’s no end to the choices and varieties we can choose. Each plant can serve as a piece of art brightening any space. The thick foliage, wide, scooping leaves, and variety of colors are the perfect accent anywhere we place them.

Perfect pots

The pots we place our bromeliads into play a role in the health and growth of our plants. The bromeliad is generally happy in a relatively shallow pot. Equally important is the role the pot will play in our artistic expression when we’re growing these exotic plants to enhance our home décor. At Leaves & Soul, we have a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes so people can find the perfect fit for any room. Made with the highest quality glazed ceramic, they offer excellent drainage and do not require a liner.

Soil matters

Bromeliads prefer a porous, well-draining soil mix. They grow especially well in orchid mixes that may blend bark, moss, or sand. In fact, orchid growers may be surprised to find their bromeliads are happy in very similar conditions, yet they are much easier in terms of temperature and irregular watering. This makes them especially suited to beginner growers. At Leaves & Soul, our premixed, ready-to-use orchid soil mix is the perfect premium blend of non-organic all-purpose soil for any bromeliad. It even maximizes fertilizer absorption and delivers ideal aeration to the roots. For those looking to buy online orchid soil, we’re ready to help.

Feed for success

While bromeliads are easy to care for, they grow best when fertilized each month during their growing season. Particularly if we’re hoping to see their beautiful blooms – why wouldn’t we? – it’s essential to provide them with the right feed. At Leaves & Soul, our 13-11-11 slow-release fertilizer pellets are perfectly suited to keeping the bromeliad healthy and flourishing. And there’s no need to remember each month. In just one application, plants have access to 180 days of controlled-release feed. Minimize waste, mess, and energy when you buy our online fertilizer.

The way to water

Bromeliads are actually fun to water. We can easily keep them happy by filling the cup at the base of their leaves. However, there are a few specifics. Any water collecting in the pot should be emptied each week. One trick is to set the pot in a saucer with some gravel to let the water drain and prevent the roots becoming too saturated. At Leaves & Soul, we’re happy to help with water issues by ensuring our orchid and bromeliad soil mix holds the right amount of moisture to meet these plants’ needs with excellent drainage as well. No more worrying about overwatering. We’ve got it covered when you buy our online orchid soil.

Why wait to experience the simple beauty in growing a bromeliad? At Leaves & Soul we’re passionate about welcoming even the newest beginner into our love of growing indoor plants. Click here to learn more.