Ceramic Bonsai Pot Colors – What Do They Mean?

A bonsai tree is more than a plant that you cultivate. It can be a statement that reflects an image you wish to convey. This is often as easy as choosing the right color for your bonsai pot. Colors have symbolic meaning and can evoke images. This is a brief overview of some of the more common colors and what they mean.

A bonsai tree can be quite a conversation piece. For people unfamiliar with bonsai trees, the novelty of seeing a dwarf tree growing within the confines of a small pot can be awestriking and intriguing. But a bonsai tree is more than just the plant being cultivated. While no two bonsai trees are alike, the right ceramic bonsai pot can make it a complete work of art.

Ceramic bonsai pots are specialized for bonsai plants. Ceramic is porous and breathable and makes it ideal for the heavy oxygen exchange needed to keep a bonsai tree healthy. Ceramic bonsai pots are also more durable and give a bonsai tree a dignity you just can’t get from plastic.

Any Color You Like

The color you use to accentuate your bonsai tree with is also important. Ceramic bonsai pots are available in a number of colors suited for complementing whatever breed of bonsai you happen to be growing. Quite often, bonsai owners will choose a ceramic bonsai pot with a color that complements their tree; often not far off from the color of the trunk, needles, or leaves.

But with a little imagination, your ceramic bonsai pot can also convey a feeling with its color. Colors can be symbolic, and certain colors evoke emotions and thoughts simply because of how people associate them. There are warm colors which serve to evoke active emotions, and cool colors, which tend to evoke tranquil emotions.

Colors and Their Meanings

The color of your ceramic bonsai pot can serve to reflect your personality and knowing what image you would like to convey is a simple matter of knowing the language of color.

Red: Red is a warm color, and it is very stark and powerful. It is often associated with deep passions like love through imagery like red satin sheets and rose petals. It’s also the color of blood, which can convey vitality or catastrophe. Any way you slice it, red is the most stimulating color you can choose for a ceramic bonsai pot.

Yellow and Orange: Both are warm colors, and both have a lot of overlap in sensation. A yellow or orange ceramic bonsai pot conveys brightness and positivity because of its association with the varying degrees of sunlight, whether it be the vivid yellow of high noon or the glowing orange of a sunset.

Blue and Purple: These are both cool colors. They add a lot of depth to a ceramic bonsai pot, and are often associated with deeper, more introspective emotions. Blue and purple are associated with the color of water and evoke more pensive feelings.

Green: Also a cool color, green is symbolic of tranquility. Green is at the center of the spectrum of light visible to the human eye, and is the color of nature, associated with purity. Green is also a popular choice for a ceramic bonsai pot since it will always complement your tree perfectly.

Ceramic Bonsai Pots by Leaves & Soul

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