Choosing the Right Ceramic Bonsai Pot for Your Masculine or Feminine Bonsai Tree

Karate Kid is a movie that has lasted through many generations (newer generations may have seen a remake of the original, but the concept is still the same). There are some things that most viewers remember from the movie. The first is, wax on wax off, then Mr. Miyagi catching a fly with chop sticks; and most people will also remember Mr. Miyagi tending a bonsai tree. In fact, this was so popular there is a bonsai tree named after it. The Juniper Procumbens is known as the “Karate Kid tree.” So remembering, or maybe after going back to watch this classic movie, you have decided that you too want to find internal peace and grow your own bonsai tree. What do you need to know about choosing not only the right bonsai tree but also the right ceramic bonsai pot to put it in?

One of the first things to consider is the sex of the bonsai tree; they are known to be masculine or feminine classification. There is nothing that to prevent you from having an androgynous bonsai tree but when choosing a ceramic bonsai pot, it may be easier to look at the classification of the tree and then choose the accessories from this starting point.

Masculine bonsai tree

The bonsai tree is generally large and has a thicker trunk and base. Masculine trees are thicker with foliage and thicker branches. Also, masculine trees stand straighter and taller than feminine or androgynous trees. When looking for a ceramic bonsai pot for a masculine tree there are some things to consider. The pot should be square or rectangular and have sharp angels and corners. The pot normally has feet that stick out and are higher up, which compliments the taller tree. The rim of the pot should have an inward lip going inward towards to the tree. The ceramic bonsai pot for a masculine tree is often more intricately carved and surrounded with jagged objects such as rocks.

Feminine bonsai tree

A feminine bonsai tree is normally more curved and appears graceful. There foliage is light or sparse. The trunk is thin as are the branches, appearing more delicate. A feminine tree is often shorter than the male. When looking for a ceramic bonsai pot for a feminine tree there are some things to consider. The first is that the pot should be rounded or oval with soft edges and corners. The pot itself should be smooth and unadorned. The feet of the pot should be small and almost hidden to make the tree shorter. The rim of the pot should be running away from the tree. The pot could be surrounded by animal figures or other nature objects.

What to consider for the ceramic pot

The size of the ceramic bonsai pot is important. If the pot is too small, it will stunt the growth of the bonsai tree by constricting the roots and trunk. If the pot is too small it could also cause infections. Having too large of a pot can also cause some significant health concerns for the bonsai tree.

The depth of the ceramic bonsai pot is important too. For a round or square pot, it should be a little less than the widest part of the tree branches. For an oval or rectangle pot it should be about 1.5x as widest part of the tree branches.

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