How to Beat the Winter Blues by Growing Bonsai Trees

Winter is around the corner, and for many people across the nation that means the onset of snowy weather, and in other places it is just more cold or rainy weather keeping them inside. Whatever kind of weather that happens in your location, the winter months also means less sun, and more time spent inside. Boredom sets in for a lot of people, and for some it also means depression from seasonal affective disorder (or SAD for short.) Keeping busy indoors can be a hassle; you can only clean so much, or binge so many episodes of a television show before you start going nuts. That’s where having a hobby or two comes into play to keep your mind active and provide somewhere to vent pent up energy.

Bonsai Tree Hobby

Growing a bonsai tree isn’t a hobby that a lot of people think of when they are trying to come up with a new pastime. However, it can be a very relaxing and centering hobby, and has been used by monks seeking enlightenment for centuries in Japan. The subtle art of growing a bonsai tree from seed and shaping its growth to be a miniaturized version of a large tree can be very fulfilling if done right, and even if not done right, you learn from your mistakes and grow yourself. For growing a bonsai tree at home, you only need a few things: a tree seed, some soil to place it into, and to find a good quality bonsai pot on Amazon in which to grow your tree.

Almost any tree can become a bonsai tree when grown in a specific way; the bonsai is related to the pot, and not necessarily the type of seed you are using. With the right bonsai pot on Amazon purchased, you can ensure your bonsai tree has the best possible chance at growing healthily, without having to worry about drying out, or being too damp. By growing a tree seed in a bonsai pot, then trimming it as it grows, you stunt its growth in a specific way; it will keep trying to grow, but with patience to ensure that it stays small and stout you’ll have a bonsai tree over time.

Choosing the Right Tree

Of course, some species of tree have a better chance of success when it comes to being turned into a bonsai. Most normal perennial wood stemmed trees, or even bush species with hearty branches, can be turned into bonsai trees with the right bonsai pot on Amazon. As with most new hobbies, you can find yourself a book, or online guide to help you along the way. Getting help from others that have grown bonsai trees in the past, whether you know them, or they have written a book or guide, can help you narrow down the right tree for you to start with.

Indoor or Outdoors, Bonsai is Portable

Bonsai trees don’t have to be a strictly indoor hobby either, they can be moved outdoors when spring comes; that’s the big benefit of being a small tree. Or if you have started outdoors, they can stay outdoors during the winter, as long as you have chosen a bonsai pot on Amazon that is made of a good quality ceramic that resists frost.

Leaves & Soul has several ceramic bonsai pots on Amazon available to choose from, depending on your personal aesthetic style, and size you need. They also have bonsai wire, and potting soil for your new hobby. Enjoy endless peace, calm, and relaxation by creating your own bonsai world to pass the winter months. Click here to learn more.