How To Choose the Best Bonsai Fertilizer – What you Need to Know

Finding time to relax is as important as ever, but so is taking that time with a relaxing activity. And what is better for calming your soul than caring for nature? Planting and nurturing bonsai feeds the soul and enhances one’s creative side. You might think that bonsai culturing is difficult or that it takes patience, and while that may be true, there are things to learn that can improve your skill set and make it easier. Knowing about the best professional bonsai fertilizer can help your hobby.

Why fertilizer for bonsai is essential

Bonsai survive better if they have nutrients during the growing season. Because bonsai are contained in a small pot, they cannot extend their root system to find nutrients as plants do, so they depend on fertilization for nutrition.

What is fertilizer

Fertilizer is basically a combination of the macronutrients — nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Nitrogen increases growth above ground, phosphorus contributes to the health of the roots and the growth of flowers, and potassium enhances the plant all over. Fertilizer may also include micronutrients like iron, manganese, boron, zinc, and copper.

There are four kinds of professional bonsai fertilizer that every enthusiast should know. Choose the right environment for the plant that you have. Professional bonsai fertilizer should be used in cooperation with the appropriate soil. Do this and you will make taking care of your plant a lot easier.

Professional Bonsai Fertilizer

Don’t use regular fertilizer for your bonsai tree. The plant will do so much better with a special blend, with an 18-6-8 slow release of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It’s all you need and works for all bonsai. The slow release of these pellets means that one single dose lasts for six months.

Professional Orchid Fertilizer

This fertilizer for orchids and bromeliads provides a 13-11-11 blend suitable for orchids. Nitrogen in proper proportion is what is needed here, not too much but not too little. This blend is perfectly balanced. Bromeliads like a soil that drains well. Fertilize with a time release fertilizer only once a year.

Professional Fiddle Leaf Fig Fertilizer

The is the professional bonsai fertilizer that is just right for fiddle leaf fig plants. It’s a 16-5-11 blend of slow release pellets and it gives the plant just the right support it needs. This is the perfect blend of professional bonsai fertilizer for your fiddle leaf fig and other house plants as well.

Professional Succulent and Cactus Fertilizer

Don’t forget about the cactuses. This 13-11-11 blend is great for succulents, which need a nice nourishing environment and a specific fertilizer.

These four professional bonsai fertilizers pair well with the appropriate soil to give the bonsai its best chance. When you have the right soil and the right nutrients, growing bonsai is simple.

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