How to Create the Best Succulent Gift for Your Loved One

One of the most time-honored presents involving plants is the humble succulent. These plants, mostly known for their thickened, fleshy leaves and stalks, are able to thrive indoors. They’re also beautiful plants that don’t take a lot of attention to keep alive and growing. It’s for this reason that many people love giving succulents as a gift.

If you are looking to give someone a succulent as a gift, why not do it a little differently and give them the gift of a bonsai succulent? Here’s everything you need to know about bonsai succulent gifts and how the right ceramic bonsai pot can help make the gift truly unique and beautiful.

What is a Bonsai Succulent?

First things first: what is a bonsai succulent? Essentially, it’s a succulent plant that you care for like a bonsai.

The great thing about a bonsai succulent is that they are very easy to care for compared to some other bonsai plants. In fact, most succulents don’t even require root pruning like other bonsai trees. So not only are they unique compared to other succulents, but they maintain the beauty and ease of care that make succulents such popular presents.

What Succulents Make the Best Bonsai?

While you can theoretically use almost any succulent for bonsai, here are the three kinds that plant lovers seem to enjoy the most:

Crassula ovata: The jade plant or “money tree” is one of the world’s most popular succulents and makes a great introduction into the world of bonsai. It’s known for its small pink or white flowers and is beloved for its hardiness and ability to grow in almost any indoor environment with little care.

Sedum: This isn’t so much a specific plant as a group of plants, most common of which are “stonecrops.” These succulents are perfect for people who love flowering plants that still are easy from a care perspective.

Euphorbia trigona: Also known as the “African Milk Tree,” this succulent is beautiful and popular for people who love bonsai. A word of warning, however: these plants secrete a milky substance that can irritate the skin and should not be ingested, so choose this plant for a friend without kids or pets.

How a Ceramic Bonsai Pot Can Bring the Gift Together

If you are interested in getting someone a bonsai succulent gift, then you’ll need a beautiful and functional ceramic bonsai pot from Leaves & Soul. Our bonsai pots are specially designed to help with the bonsai process. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes to meet the needs of the plant and look you want. Be sure to peruse our selection to find the right ceramic bonsai pot for your succulent gift. What’s more, we have a full line of soil and care-taking equipment that your loved one will need to properly care for their new plant. Whatever you need for your next bonsai experience, Leaves & Soul has everything you need for accessories.

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