How To Find The Best Bonsai Soil: What You Need To Know

Growing a bonsai plant is a rewarding experience, one that can be with you for your entire life. But getting a bonsai plant to a healthy state, and maintaining it that way for decades, takes practice, care, dedication and the right materials. One of the most important things you will need for your bonsai plant is professional bonsai soil. Here’s what you need to know about bonsai soil and what to look for when buying soil for your bonsai plant.

Know what makes bonsai soil special

Just like the beautiful clay pots and wire kits you use for bonsai plants, bonsai soil is different from regular soil. In fact, many people who simply use regular soil can run into issues when they start their bonsai hobby. Bonsai soil is made up a little differently, making sure to prioritize aeration and water retention above nutrition. After all, you should be focused on keeping a plant healthy rather than giving it all the resources it needs to grow too big for a bonsai. Luckily, there is an entire line of professional bonsai soil that puts the bonsai plants needs first, and it is easily available.

Think about type

If you are on the hunt for professional bonsai soil, the first thing you need to think about is the type of plant that you are growing. Just like growing regular plants, if you do not have the right soil, your bonsai plants will not be healthy.

Luckily, Leaves & Soul offers four varieties of professional bonsai soil that are sure to give your tree the right kind of nutrition and environment to stay healthy. Each soil is custom-made with a particular family of plants in mind, and it is formulated specifically for bonsai growing. The four varieties are:

• All-Purpose Professional Bonsai Soil: this soil is made to work for just about every kind of plant and is perfect for people who are just getting the green thumb for bonsai. We recommend this soil for almost anything, from an Azalea to a Bald Cypress.

• Professional Orchid Soil: Bonsai orchids, just like regular orchids, are very delicate and temperamental plants. They require a lot of attention and precise care. The Orchid professional bonsai soil from Leaves & Soul helps ease the care of these plants with a formula that’s perfect for orchids.

• Fiddleleaf Fig Soil: Fiddleleaf figs are growing quite quickly in popularity amongst bonsai enthusiasts. So much so that we developed a professional bonsai soil specifically for this plant. This blend gives your plant the aeration and fertilizer absorption it needs to grow strong.

• Professional Succulent Soil: Succulents have a reputation of being pretty hardy but, in reality, bonsai succulents need extra attention, and specialized soil. Our professional bonsai soil for succulents helps create the dry environment they need to stay healthy and reduces the chances of over-watering.


If you are looking to grow a bonsai plant, no matter the type, then you will need to invest in bonsai-specific equipment and materials, including professional bonsai soil. With the right soil from Leaves & Soul, you can grow your bonsai with confidence, knowing that it has a healthy environment to thrive.

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