How to Put Together A Bonsai Kit for The Nature Lover in Your Life

The holiday season is fast approaching and many people are looking to think outside the box for the perfect gift. We want to show we’ve put care and thought into the gift, and with that, we want our gift recipient to achieve lasting enjoyment from it beyond the season. During the recent boost in time for reflection and developing new skills, many people turned to indoor gardening. If someone in your life has recently become a nature lover, or even if they’ve always had a green thumb, consider making a bonsai kit. At Leaves & Soul, we’ve got you covered with all the essentials, from gorgeous glazed ceramic pots, to soil, feed, and maintenance tools, and we can deliver it all to your door beautifully packaged. Holiday shopping has never been so creative and stress-free!

The perfect pot

The first thing you’ll need for your kit is the perfect ceramic pot. It’s essentially going to frame the bonsai plant, so what color, shape, and size is going to be best? At Leaves & Soul, we have it all. Our glazed ceramic bonsai pots are as decorative as they are effective in maintaining plant health. They’re solid and stable, so as the plant grows, there’s no worry of tipping, and they make pruning and wiring easy. Additionally, they allow for optimal drainage to help maintain the soil conditions for the tree.

Soil matters

Speaking of those optimal soil conditions, it’s so important to keep in mind that the soil is the foundation of everything for the bonsai plant. When you add a premium all-purpose soil blend already pre-mixed to the bonsai’s growing preferences, you’ll set your gift recipient up for success. The bonsai thrives in a fast draining blend of lava, limestone pearock, calcined clay, and pinebark. This ideal mixture helps nourish the tree by keeping its roots well aerated and aiding in fertilizer absorption. When it’s time change up any ceramic bonsai pots for either a shift in décor or to accommodate a growing plant, Leaves & Soul makes it easy with our sturdy and resealable bags for clean storage.

Well fed

The healthiest and happiest bonsai tree is a well fed plant. When creating a kit for the nature lover in your life, you can simplify the fertilizing routine for them by including slow-release pellets formulated to the bonsai’s growing needs and preferences. With their six-month timed release, your recipient’s bonsai tree will receive the perfect dose of all the essential nutrients needed. Also packaged in resealable bags, Leaves & Soul’s fertilizer pellets are sure to be appreciated by your giftee.

The right tool for the job

With all the basics taken care of, the last thing your bonsai kit needs is the right tool for any maintenance job as the tree happily grows. With Leaves & Soul’s Tree Training Wire Kit included in your gift, it won’t matter if your recipient is a beginner, a pro, or sits somewhere in between. This addition will have any grower ready for all their wire training needs including top-quality, easily moldable and rust-resistant aluminum alloy wires in five different sizes. The high-quality wire cutter makes the job easy with effortless cutting. All of these tools are beautiful stored in a canvas pouch so they’re always in one place when needed.

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