The Benefits of Having A Bonsai in Your Home Or Office

For any indoor space where you spend large portions of your time, there’s nothing like realizing the benefits of bonsai growing. Whether we’re spending our time in the comfort of our home or the productive energy of our office, the bonsai plant lends a chic aesthetic appeal at the same time it offers physical and mental health benefits to those surrounding it. Growing a bonsai is a Chinese tradition that’s proven its advantages over many centuries. At Leaves & Soul, we’re proud to share that ritual with our fellow green thumbs, new and experienced.

Boost mental health

Whether you’re spending time chilling at home or getting down to business at the office, the benefits of bonsai growing are widespread. In taking care of the plant, the grower finds a stress-relieving hobby as they relax and breathe in the clean and oxygen rich air the plant expires. The regulating and calming routine in properly caring for the bonsai creates healthy habits as you water, fertilize, and trim the plant to keep it thriving. When a gorgeous ceramic pot and a beautifully groomed bonsai come together in any indoor space you spend your time in, it becomes a work of art to boost your mood while enhancing the design and aesthetics of the room for you and your guests.

Create a healthy indoor space

In addition to the aesthetic appeal, the benefits of bonsai growing extends to its air purification abilities. In fact, experience has shown the capability in the bonsai to cure sore throats and coughs while helping people using the space also overcome lethargy and fatigue. In light of that ability, these intriguing plants are also a great gift for those we care about who may be dealing with health issues, physical or mental in nature. In addition to the immunity boosting potential, growing a bonsai indoors makes for enhanced creativity, stimulated learning abilities, and a general overall sense of happiness. Whenever a grower waters their bonsai, they’re essentially watering their soul.  

Embrace the simplicity

There’s often a stigma surrounding the art of growing a bonsai plant that suggests the process is challenging. However, with the right information and products accessible online today, the benefits of bonsai growing are easily realized. At the foundation of growing a healthy plant is the perfect ceramic pot that allows for proper drainage and ideal soil temperature maintenance. The general rule is that the pot be one-third of the tree’s height wide with a depth at least equal to the trunk’s height. That means yearly repotting offers an opportunity for a décor revival as you see fit. Next, the ideal soil mix creates a perfect growing scenario for maintaining the optimal moisture level for growing a bonsai and keeping things simple for the bonsai growing enthusiast. The bonsai thrives in a soil blend that keeps it not too dry, yet also not drowning wet. It’s also important to remember the bonsai tree has specific feeding needs. Fortunately, there are fertilizer products available today that are essentially a ‘set it and forget it’ scenario for today’s busy professionals.

At Leaves & Soul, it’s our passion to pass on the benefits of bonsai growing. Click here to learn more.