The Best Indoor Cacti for Beginners

Are you looking for the best indoor cacti but don’t know where to start? Once you’ve got your pots and professional cactus fertilizer ready, you’ll need to plant a cactus variety that is easy to grow indoors. From the tried and true desert cacti to the unique moon cacti, let’s take a dive into the best indoor cacti for beginners and their specific pros and cons.

Desert Cacti

Desert cacti are a time-tested option that many beginners and pros alike love to grow. These cacti are super tough, and almost impossible to kill indoors. They grow in hot, dry climates across North and South America, which means they don’t need a lot of tending to or watering – perfect for somebody that wants a plant without all the hassles and time consumption. In fact, the main danger with these is over-watering, which can be helped by nutrient-rich, aerated professional cactus soil.

Barrel Cacti

Barrel cacti are another beloved choice and can be quite similar to the desert cactus variety. These cacti also prefer loose and aerated professional cactus soil and don’t need much in the way of water. All you have to do to grow these indoors is make sure they have a spot to soak up lots of sun. Another bonus is that they’ll grow as large as the environment allows, so you can adjust whether you want a tiny plant or huge barrel cactus display.

Rat Tail Cacti

Rat tail cacti are also fairly simple for beginners and have some fun pink shades to them when grown properly. These cacti need lots of bright light and should be placed in as big of a container as you can get, because they grow amazingly fast. These ones get prettier the better you treat them, and a professional cactus fertilizer full of nutrients and minerals is the best approach to start.

Moon Cacti

Moon cacti are some of the most unique varieties out there for cacti, and still suitable for beginners. These cacti are stunning in vibrant shades of oranges, pinks, reds, and yellows, with green cacti underneath. What’s so special about moon cacti is that they are hybrids! They are made from two different species, which does mean they last a few years less than other cactus varieties. For beginners who want these plants to thrive, investing in a professional cactus fertilizer that drains well is absolutely essential. You should also be sure to water frequently and use partial sun exposure.

Overall, there are plenty of indoor cacti you can get as a beginner that will thrive so long as you use the right professional cactus soil and pay mind to them. Some excellent options you can consider when searching for the perfect indoor cacti are desert cacti, barrel cacti, rat tail cacti, and moon cacti. No matter what your experience level, these cacti are sure to grow beautifully in your home with the proper nourishment and aeration. Before you plant, ensure your growing success with a professional cactus fertilizer that suits any variety. Click here to learn more.