The Calming Power of Plants in Your Home (Especially Mini Ones!)

Not a lot of people today have the physical space to grow a tree to its full size but almost everyone, even people living in condos or apartments, can grow a bonsai tree. All you need is a seed or cutting and a glazed bonsai pot. From there, you can grow a unique and beautiful tree that can be with you for decades.  What’s more, the presence of the tree and act of caring for it can offer you a powerful calming effect.

Bonsai, the practice of growing tiny plants that look like their full-size counterparts, has been practiced in Japan for over a millennium. Some of the trees you can buy in plant stores are decades old, being grown with care and precision by masters of the art form. Bonsai is a skill that anyone can learn and slowly master over the years. With just a glazed bonsai pot and a starter tree, you can tap into the many benefits of bonsai.

Why People Choose Bonsai

One of the main reasons people start practicing bonsai is because of the entrancing look of the plants themselves. What they don’t know, however, is that the presence of a bonsai tree in a glazed bonsai pot in your home can have a calming effect on your mood. Numerous studies have found that indoor plants, and bonsai trees in particular, improve the moods of people, including hospital patients. If you are looking to add some calm to your home, then a bonsai tree may be the answer.

It isn’t just the presence of indoor plants that improve your mood, however. Taking care of a plant can actually help improve your mental health as well. Just like any other art form, learning and practicing your skills will give you a sense of accomplishment. Bonsai cultivation with a starter tree and glazed bonsai pot is a combination of care and aesthetics that can greatly improve your mood, and the tree may be a lifelong companion if cared for correctly.

What you Need to Grow a Bonsai Tree

If you are interested in growing your very own bonsai tree, you will need two things: a starter for the tree and a glazed bonsai pot. With those two things, you can start to grow and cultivate your very own bonsai tree. Leaves & Soul has high-quality pots specifically designed for the art of bonsai. The strong-yet-stable design, combined with growing wires, help your tree thrive and make cultivating your bonsai tree simple and easy.

Leaves & Soul offers a glazed bonsai pot to grow your very own bonsai tree. Whether you are just learning this ancient and calming art form or a seasoned expert, our high-quality pots are perfect for growing your very own bonsai plant. Not only does the practice of bonsai offer a calming effect but the plant itself can help improve your mood while making your home look great. Click here to learn more.