The Leaves & Soul Warranty and Return Policy: How We Ensure Complete Customer Satisfaction

With Leaves & Soul, customer satisfaction is key. Our wide selection of online bonsai accessories comes with an outstanding guarantee of quality and lifetime warranty.

If you ask any hiker, camper, or outdoorsperson, they’ll all tell you the same: getting near to nature is one of the most relaxing things you can do. Being immersed in the greens of a dense forested area or a rolling, wide open field gives you a feeling that you’re often absent of in a world of speed, concrete, and communication. As a result, growing bonsai trees is increasing in popularity, along with demand for online bonsai accessories.

It’s not always easy to be near to nature when you have such a busy schedule, especially if you work in administration or logistics, and you may be inundated with city life and infrastructure for all but a few weeks of the year, which isn’t much time to return to the wild outdoors. At Leaves & Soul, our solution is to bring a piece of nature into your own home, and our shop has all the right online bonsai accessories to do it.

online bonsai accessories

Leaves & Soul Online Bonsai Accessories

Not only do we believe in the natural power of growing and cultivating bonsai trees, but we also believe there should be an easy place for first-timers or veteran growers to get quality online bonsai accessories in a wide range of choices for themes, sizes, and colors. Leaves & Soul makes it a snap to order any online bonsai accessories you need to get started, from stylish and practical planters to soil and training wire control the shape and direction of your dwarf bonsai as it grows.

Where Can I Purchase Online Bonsai Accessories?

Leaves & Soul is an official Amazon seller of online bonsai accessories. This means when your order from your own Amazon account, it’s a simple matter of browsing our inventory of online bonsai accessories, taking your pick, two or three clicks, and you’re done! Leaves & Soul prides itself on ease of access and complete customer satisfaction for any and all online bonsai accessories.

Leaves & Soul’s Warranty and Return Policy: 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

At Leaves & Soul, we believe in customer satisfaction with all of our online bonsai accessories. We pride ourselves on supplying our customers with only the highest-quality online bonsai accessories, soil, and planters, free from defects and quality assured. Our online bonsai accessories are imported, and then quality-controlled here in the United States.


We stand by both our product and our customer base. If any of our online bonsai accessories has an aesthetic or functional defect, Leaves & Soul is ready to address the problem for the lifetime of the product with receipt of purchase. Leaves & Soul guarantees that if during the warranty period you are not completely satisfied, you can simply return the product through your Amazon account, with no hassles.


Any returned online bonsai accessories processed by Leaves & Soul that are defective will be repaired or replaced. If for any reason the unit cannot be repaired, Leaves & Soul will replace the unit where possible. If the particular model has been taken out of production, Leaves & Soul will replace the unit with a model of equal or greater value to the original.

Customer Satisfaction is Number One

Everyone deserves a shot at adding a little nature to their domestic lives, and with our selection of online bonsai accessories and customer satisfaction guarantee, Leaves & Soul makes your online bonsai accessories purchase a safe bet. Click here to learn more.