Types of Trees to Consider When Wanting to Grow A Bonsai Tree

It is a new year and a new beginning. When the new year comes people often talk about the changes that they are wanting to make in their lives. This is often losing weight, giving up addictions, or finding true love. What if you could make a change that reduces stress and also gains you a hobby? Growing a bonsai tree is a great hobby for this! Plants can reduce stress when you take the time to care for them with pride.

When growing a bonsai tree, you need to consider the style you want to grow.

The first is the deciduous trees. This stye of tree will shed its leaves in the fall. They may change color in the fall and then the leaves will fall off leaving your bonsai tree bare during the winter months. There are many bonsai trees in this category, but the two most common ones are the fiscus and Japanese maple. The fiscus tree has larger broad green leaves when it is in bloom. The Japanese maple tree is known for its hand shaped leaves. The leaves will float to the ground like propellers when shedding.

grow a bonsai tree

Another one to consider when looking at growing a bonsai tree is the broad leaf evergreen. This tree has green leaves that spread out and have a more traditional style of leaf. Trees in the broad evergreen category maintain their leaves all year long. They may shed some leaves over a period of time and grow new ones, but will not lose all their leaves at once.

Then there is the Ligustrum plant (more commonly known as the privet). This is a basic, plain style of plant that is easy to care for when learning to tend to grow bonsai. There are some broad leaf evergreen bonsai trees that will flower such as the snow rose bonsai. These trees may not change color in the dry or fall season, but will keep their foliage all year long.

Conifer and pine bonsai trees are another style to consider when looking at growing a bonsai tree. This style of tree, like the broad leaf evergreen, also will not shed its foliage in the fall season. They have a different style of foliage with the pine or cone needles versus the flat style leaf of the broad leaf tree. This style is the most common bonsai tree and can be found in most places that sell plants.

There are many things to consider when wanting to grow a bonsai tree. The style of tree you want is the first step. When growing a bonsai tree, you also need to consider the temperature and humidity in the area where you reside, as well as the amount of light.

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