What are the Proper Conditions for Growing Bonsai Trees?

A well-cared for bonsai tree is a thing of beauty. It is an art form. Taking proper care of it is essential to keeping life in the plant and for presenting this work of art as a small and elegant tree.  Bonsai must be grown under the proper conditions, and one of those conditions is the ceramic bonsai pot that it lives in.

A bonsai tree is meant to be small, and meant to be grown in a small container, that is perfectly balanced to add to the aesthetics of the tree. As one may imagine, this is not easy.

It’s a tree – but a very small one

A bonsai tree is a tree, and like all trees it does need to be exposed to the elements, such as sunlight, humidity, water and fertilizer according to the needs of the species. Not all trees are suitable for bonsai. A bonsai tree can be any kind of tree that is suitable for the art form, and for the conditions. Not many kinds of trees like to live indoors all the time, so a ceramic bonsai pot lets the tree be moved around more easily.

Caring for the tree

The tree must be able to take in the proper amounts of light, humidity, water, fertilizer and temperature that it needs to succeed. When doing anything with the tree, be aware of the specific needs of the species of tree. The proper conditions for growing bonsai trees really depend on the variety of tree, first and foremost. Once that is taken into consideration, then the ceramic bonsai pot becomes very important.

Choose a bonsai pot that gives the plant the conditions that it needs to live in. The pot must be the proper height and depth so that it can provide the plant with the right amount of nutrients. If the pot is too large, the tree will not grow within the confines of its limitations. If it is too small, the tree may die from the sudden change, or it may not have all the room it needs. In addition, the size, shape and color of the ceramic bonsai pot should complement the appearance of the tree, and not make it look unbalanced, or worse, be unbalanced.

A bonsai tree should be safe and protected. The pot is its ground, and so needs to be solid and sturdy. Since the tree will be undergoing plenty of pruning and shaping, the ceramic bonsai pot provides a firm, sturdy base.

Water is essential, but not too much. One of the necessary conditions for any plant is drainage. Ceramic is a good material since it lets the water drain, and the ceramic bonsai pot that the tree is in will have proper drainage, and will hold the proper mix of soil to provide nutrients and let the plant grow.

A beautiful bonsai tree in a beautiful ceramic bonsai pot that is just the right size, shape, and color for the tree can make this work of art be a source of pride and accomplishment for the grower. It is important to take the time to care for the plant. Click here for more information.