You Can Save Your Bonsai Tree by Replacing Your Bonsai Pot

Learn how important it is for you to have the right ceramic bonsai pot for your bonsai tree.

Different people deal with stress and finding inner peace in a multitude of ways, from meditation to yoga, and one method some choose is the relaxing art of bonsai. There are several ways you can get into bonsai; few grow their own bonsai from seed, some purchase a bonsai tree from a store, or most often people receive a bonsai tree from a friend or family member, often as a housewarming gift. No matter the method or reason you got your bonsai tree, if you want it to be healthy and look great you are going to need the right ceramic bonsai pot for it.

Getting the Right Size of Pot

Bonsai is the Japanese art of growing dwarfed ornamental trees in containers, trained into artistic shapes, often done as a form of meditation due to the need of meticulous and careful pruning and manipulation of the tree. One of the most important things to keeping a bonsai tree that is healthy and well maintained is having the right size of pot. A ceramic bonsai pot cannot be too large, as it will make water management much more difficult and will cause the bonsai to look overly dwarfed. A ceramic bonsai pot also cannot be too small, otherwise the roots will not have enough room to grow making the tree unable to soak up enough water to live healthily. A small pot leads to a top heavy bonsai that can easily fall over.

Style to Compliment Your Bonsai

Obviously, style is not exactly a requirement for a bonsai tree to survive on its own, but if your bonsai tree is unbalanced or unattractive, that can often lead to a person no longer properly maintaining it, or throwing it out. When looking to spruce up the look of your bonsai tree, finding the right size and style of ceramic bonsai pot is important. Depending on the bonsai tree you are growing, you’ll want to get a color of ceramic pot that compliments your bonsai tree’s leaves and bark, and not draw the eyes away from the tree.

Good Quality Ceramic Pot

Quality is important when it comes to your ceramic bonsai pot. A high quality ceramic is the first aspect you should look for in a pot; if you can’t see the pot in person to feel it, then check the reviews to see how others have fared with it. Next, ensure the pot has enough holes for drainage. A bonsai tree is difficult to maintain if water levels fluctuate too much causing roots to become waterlogged, or the plant to dry out. Glazing is an important aspect to look out for in a ceramic bonsai pot; it’s fine if the pot is externally glazed, but internal glazing can affect watering and is a major cause of excess heat retention in the soil, which can damage the roots. If your bonsai is going to be outside during cold weather, ensure your pot is frost-proof to avoid cracking.

To ensure that you have a fun and meditative time growing and maintaining your bonsai tree, be sure to give it the best chance at a healthy survival by getting a good quality, beautiful and properly sized ceramic bonsai pot. Click here to learn more.